What to expect from the future of advocacy?

Artificial Intelligence, Advocacy 4.0 and Blockchain. These words surround the imagery of the modern lawyer and appear in many predictions about the future of law. Will robots steal jobs from lawyers? Is the justice of the future going to be totally virtual? The speculations are many and from so much trying to see years ahead, we end up not realizing that the future of the law, in fact, is now!
Think with us: in recent years we have seen the technological advance and the arrival of young lawyers to the market greatly accelerate the modernization of the sector. Electronic processes and petitions, subpoenas sent by Whatsapp and the emergence of various software and applications are recent events that impact the present and give direction to the future of the profession. But evolution does not stop (and will not stop) out there! We will still have a lot of content here tackling the news of law and law. (I.e.

To bring awareness to the changes that have already begun and promise to shake (positively!) The structures of advocacy in the coming years, we will share some situations that prove that we are living the future of advocacy. To know what they are, just keep reading!

How to Prepare for the Future of 4-Step Advocacy
1. Have more mobility in the routine
When did you imagine you could be in two or more places at the same time? We are not talking about parallel reality yet. But we can not fail to highlight the importance of mobile technology for the professional who wants to follow the future of law.

Systems for lawyers that work on any device with the Internet and still have complementary mobile applications – such as Astrea Mobile -, electronic process, Vade Mecum applications, electronic petitioning, instant messaging services and video calling.

All this facilitates the life of the multitasking lawyer who needs to solve office activities at the airport, at the waiting times of the forum, at home and even in another city or country.

These facilities allow the operator of the Law a more flexible and less bureaucratic routine. The good news is that they must evolve year after year, bringing even more benefits to the modern lawyer.

By the way, did you know that there are digital nomadic lawyers? This subject was the subject of an article we made about the home office lawyer and also of a chat we had with a nomadic digital lawyer about her routine.

Remote work alone is already a big step forward for the future of advocacy, especially in more conservative offices that have begun to see this as a way to increase productivity without losing control of staff and activities.

If you want to better understand how legal software allows lawyers to work from a distance, just click on this link. (I.e.

2. Adopt concepts and practices from other areas
Advocacy is no longer an isolated profession. The more we think about the future of the profession, the more we realize that adding knowledge and practices in complementary areas only evolves the legal business and professional maturity of lawyers.

That’s why we bring to our content what we learned from the methods used in Silicon Valley and that work right here at Aurum. This type of behavior strengthens the entrepreneurial ecosystem and raises the quality of the service, in addition to improving market positioning. (I.e.

If you follow our blog, you must have known methods and concepts that were not born within the law, but that can (and should!) Be incorporated into the legal routine to boost results and facilitate business growth.

This is the case of horizontal management, personal marketing and various other topics that we share weekly with you here.

To further contribute to the adoption of good practices, we launched the portal The Future of Advocacy.

In it, you have access to complete, free, in-depth content tracks on topics that will in fact help your work to become more and more excellence and to win you more and better customers. (I.e.

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